Sports Physiotherapy

Whether you are a professional athlete or a weekend hiker, our expert physiotherapists are trained in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries.

We’ll treat your injury and work with you through your rehabilitation. Because our aim to return you to your activities, stronger and more capable.

Sports injury

Sport injuries can be acute or chronic.

Acute sports injuries occur through sudden impact or awkward movement (eg muscle tear, sprained ankle).

Chronic sports injuries develop over time, often due to continual use of the same joints or muscle groups. They can also be caused by bad technique or structural abnormalities (such as an inherited bone or muscle problem).

How can physio help?

Acute sports injury: Physiotherapy can speed up the rate of recovery by reducing joint and muscle swelling. This prevents joint stiffness and scar tissue formation. Early treatment by our physiotherapists can help to minimise tissue damage and allow quicker return to active sport.

Chronic sports injury: Physiotherapy can prevent and treat these by identifying the causal factor.

At Narre Warren Physiotherapy, we are specialised in screening assessments to prevent injury and improve performance in activities such as running, cycling, swimming and ballet. We can also coach you through sports-specific exercises.