“Prevention is the best medicine”

The team at Narre Warren Physio approaches your health with the greatest care.  Our comprehensive assessment and treatment program takes into account your current capacity, lifestyle and sporting activities.  We aim to keep treatments to a minimum and encourage patient education and self-help during rehabilitation.

Our wide range of quality physiotherapy treatments and services will get you back to living your highest potential.


Physiotherapy (also PT or physical therapy) is a health care profession that uses a range of techniques to restore your functional movement.

Physiotherapy assists in healing damaged tissue, reducing pain and stiffness, and rehabilitation of post-surgery.

We also give advice and educate, prevent problems recurring, and often, preventing a problem altogether.

Physiotherapy aims to:

  • Encourage tissue healing by controlling and reducing pain and inflammation.
  • Restore patient’s normal range of motion by integrating muscular, joint and nervous systems.
  • Identify and treat problems and reduce risk of re-occurrence.